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All Worlds Wayfarer

A speculative fiction small press and literary magazine.

All Worlds Wayfarer publishes character-and-theme-driven speculative fiction. We celebrate stories that take readers on tours through wonderful and terrifying realms, evocative visions, and eye-opening new lives. When our readers come home, they should return ever so slightly changed for having made the journey. After all, the most powerful stories transcend, enlighten, and entertain at once.

All Worlds Wayfarer is run on a volunteer basis by two queer, disabled editors. Any money made from sales or donations goes to website hosting or paying the magazine's authors. All Worlds Wayfarer is both a passion project and a platform the editors hope to keep running for years to come, and while we hope that it will be more self-sustaining in the future (With a budget that allows for paying larger honorariums to authors!), the editors are currently funding each issue largely out-of-pocket.

If you have the means to do so and choose to help us keep up our search for stories, we would be extremely grateful! Each purchase from this merch shop directly supports us.

Read the current issue for free (or support us by buying previous issues and anthologies) at